California – A green hub!

Schwarzenegger’s legacy
The most noteworthy achievement of Schwarzenegger’s governorship is AB32, the state’s landmark global warming law. This groundbreaking effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has created a momentum for investments in the state. Here is one of the success stories:

Mounting Systems GmbH Selects the Sacramento Region for North American Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

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Retrofit Opportunity: Automatic lighting controls

Daylight in buildings can save energy if the electric lighting is switched or dimmed in response to changes in daylight levels.

The company in this example operates three warehouses with offices and a green house in California. An energy survey was performed on-site to collect nameplate and operational data for the lighting systems, and to identify potential energy efficiency measures.

Financial Analysis

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A fable of ‘low’ hanging fruits – Retrocommissioning

Once upon a time in far, far away there lived a fox who loved to eat. He lived close to a vineyard and he used to stare at the lovely grapes that hung there.

“How juicy they look….  If only I could reach them”.

One sunny day, the fox woke up and saw the grapes glistening in the sunlight. He jumped to reach them but fell short.
He jumped again. No, they were too high. He jumped even higher. But they were still out of reach.

He jumped and stretched and hopped but could not reach the grapes. Those yummy grapes hung higher than the fox could reach. No matter how hard he tried, the grapes remained out of reach. He panted from his efforts and was soon exhausted.

Finally giving up, he looked up in contempt and said as he walked away, “Those grapes surely must be sour. I wouldn’t eat them even if they were served to me on a golden dish.” Continue reading

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Marin County : Green Building Requirements

Starting June 18th, 2010 all residential and commercial construction and remodels will have to comply with the new green building requirements in unincorporated areas of Marin County.

This ordinance will lead the way to fulfill Marin County’s plan to reduce county-wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 15% in 2020 from the 1990 levels.

Good or bad news?

Recent studies have shown that the overall costs for Green Commercial Buildings during project development and construction are on average 2% higher than standard construction. The huge advantage for a Green building comes later during operation and maintenance when the costs drop by 30-40%, not taking into account intangible savings from indoor environmental quality improvements. Over the lifetime of a building utility rates will rise. This is the opportunity for your project to reduce future costs and be more competitive! Continue reading

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AB 1103 – How you can benefit?

Commercial building owners, facility managers and real estate brokers throughout California will be challenged starting January 2011 when Assembly Bill 1103 goes into effect. The new energy performance rating system will provide energy consumption information on nonresidential buildings.

The building owner will be required to disclose the U.S. EPA’s Portfolio Manager’s Statement of Energy Performance and the California Energy Performance Disclosure Report before a building is sold, leased entirely or refinanced.

The California Energy Commission is working diligently to start rule making with the initial set of proposed regulations due out in June. The CEC expects to add several new sections (although minor) to the regulations prior to final release.  The regulations will be finalized by December of this year.

The first buildings to be required to submit the Disclosure Report under AB1103 are 50,000 sq ft and larger or owner occupied above 1,000 sq ft.

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Conscious Business Reception

c2e guests and partners filled the main hall at Cacti Restaurant Thursday, May 27 for a very successful Conscious Business Kickoff Reception. This was the initial presentation introducing principals from dozens of industries the benefits and opportunities to reduce, re-use, recycle and re-think their business approach.

Over sixty people attended, and heard passionate presentations and valuable information from California State Assemblyman Jared Huffman, Carbon 2 Efficiency President and CEO Helge Biernath LEED AP, Ryan Stroupe of PG&E, Bill Stewart and Bob Smith of Solarcraft, and architect Nabih Tahan, AIA. Continue reading

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Green Business – Lead by example

Lead by example – It’s not that hard

We have fulfilled the requirements of the Bay Area Green Business Program and are now certified and recognized as a Bay Area (and Marin) Green Business.

Was it hard to achieve that? The answer is :
“It depends…” The lights were already very efficient and we are using only energy star appliances for our work. The website has gone green by hosting with FatCow, an EPA Green Power Partner, where the data centers, web servers and offices are powered by 100% wind energy. Continue reading

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