Students learn to conduct energy audits

Students in class

Students at Hamilton Meadow Park,  School in Novato, CA are learning about energy efficiency — and performing their own energy audits. Think global – act local was the motto for c2e’s engineers when they taught the basic principles of energy efficiency and renewable energy and how students can influence their energy consumption.

Students in teacher Amber Hatfield’s class learned to audit their homes by counting the number of light fixtures they have and the kind of light bulbs used in each. c2e helped the students calculate how much their families could save by replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

The students also checked for leaks in windows and doors, observed thermostat settings and located their electricity meters. They also learned to identify the hot and cold areas of a room using a thermal imaging camera and to check for leaks in a toilet tank by using a colored tablet and drip gauge.

All in all in it was a fun filled experience for teachers, students and our engineers and will hopefully be the first step in a process of behavioral change and understanding of the interconnection of resources and energy.


About c2egreen

c2e – provides expertise and solutions in the sustainable business world. We are driven by the Green Zeitgeist and offer a bottom-line-focused approach, incorporating state-of –the-art technologies, green management philosophies with the aim to provide positive value in the domain of People, Planet, and Profit.
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