Green Business – Lead by example

Lead by example – It’s not that hard

We have fulfilled the requirements of the Bay Area Green Business Program and are now certified and recognized as a Bay Area (and Marin) Green Business.

Was it hard to achieve that? The answer is :
“It depends…” The lights were already very efficient and we are using only energy star appliances for our work. The website has gone green by hosting with FatCow, an EPA Green Power Partner, where the data centers, web servers and offices are powered by 100% wind energy.

Thinking about the “Four R’s” — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink — we reduced our paper consumption by duplex printing, we reused our Trader Joe’s gallon water bottles to fill them with water from home, we recycled card board and we rethought every step to minimize our environmental impact.

Mission accomplished? No – it is an ongoing process of cutting out the waste in our daily business life! If you want to hear more about how we did it , send us an email at Bookmark and Share


About c2egreen

c2e – provides expertise and solutions in the sustainable business world. We are driven by the Green Zeitgeist and offer a bottom-line-focused approach, incorporating state-of –the-art technologies, green management philosophies with the aim to provide positive value in the domain of People, Planet, and Profit.
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