Energy Efficiency Case Study: Steakhouse in San Francisco

Why would a profitable Steakhouse, which is busy all year round, care about Energy efficiency? “We feel the pain of rising utility rates”, says owner Goetz Boje and adds; “and it is the right time to invest in energy efficiency to sustain the success of our business.”

Harris has operated a well known, high-end Steakhouse in San Francisco since 1984. They have been spending $56,000 annually for energy while serving only evening meals. An energy audit performed by c2e revealed major efficiency opportunities resulting in potential annual savings of $9134 and a CO2 emission reduction of 13 tons. While applying all the suggested efficiency measures the executive chef stated “We can already see and feel the impact of our effort to go green”.

The next steps for Harris on the road of energy independence will be to evaluate the possibility of using solar energy to reduce the impact of rising peak power demand charges and to reduce their environmental footprint while still providing a luxurious atmosphere to enjoy a steak dinner.

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